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Across the Distance

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Jade A. Waters

Her cunt opens—
Folds slick and full
Spread apart by fingers
Grazing up, along, in
Her wet, pink slit
As she moans.

She is trembling, breasts heaving
While she stirs her finger
Round her tender, swollen clit,
Calls for him, bites her lip
Her eyelids drooping, fluttering,

He is watching her,
As naked as she is but
Oceans away, one hand
Circling his shaft, squeezing, stroking
Until he, too, shudders,
And calls out her name.

They are two bodies close
Across the distance, toes curling
At the view on their screens,
Whimpers, moans shared between them,
For even worlds apart, like this
It’s together, they come.

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Glamorous woman with three men in potential entanglement; Konrad Bak ©


Konrad Bak ©
Jade A. Waters

“I want to be famous,” she says.
Her fingers play over the top bottom of her blouse
Then the next
Opening fabric up to the world,
Her tits springing to life with
Shiny skin, and tight pink nipples
Ready for their moment.
“Do you think that's possible?”
She mutters it from the corner of her mouth
Before she tips forward,
Lips full and eyes so bright
Long, manicured fingers grabbing at his pants
And a coo slipping from her throat when she releases his cock.

She takes it into her hand,
Finds him grinning, asking
“How famous?”
He eyes the look on her face, her mouth
The way she eagerly drops down to her knees
Replacing hand with mouth and swallowing his hard shaft
To suck him as deep as she can.
He may think she's done this many a time before but
She’s thinking of that night so long ago,
All five of them around her, filling her up,
Fingers, tongues and cocks sampling, touching
Every inch of her flesh, outside and in,
Someone muttering, Oh, you're gonna be famous babe. Famous for this.

She groans now as she did then,
Groans for what she seeks—a little bit of him
But more what he can do for her.
She isn't even fazed when he drags her up by her arms,
Spins her around, pushes her flat on the desk
And pries down her pants
To find her ass round like her tits,
Her cunt wet like her mouth.
His fingers search inside for her star qualities
While she wriggles her ass and whispers, "Really, really famous."
When his cock sinks in, his grunts fills her head
And his thrusts align with the echo of her mind—
You're gonna be famous babe. Famous, famous, famous.


B/W image of man's hand sliding along woman's almost exposed chest; Katarzyna Białasiewicz ©

In This Bar

Katarzyna Białasiewicz ©
Katarzyna Białasiewicz ©
Jade A. Waters

I sit in this bar wondering
Will it be you
Will it be us
Is the answer as simple as you and me
Me and you
And the lifetime of lust between us
I keep asking
You keep answering
It's a miracle we've gotten anywhere
Why do I love you like this
Knowing you are you
And I am me
And we could never ever be
But I guess that's life, really
You do you
I do me
Something that was meant to be
Never ever was
I don't know the answer
And so I drink one more drink
And tipsy I watch you
Knowing me
And that's about it.


Silhouetted b/w image of topless couple close

This Beat Between Us

Valeriy Lebedev ©
Jade A. Waters

I am
Naked, spread
Bound here, for you
Perched and impaled
In this moment of us—
The star on your cock
And the light in your eyes,
The name you whisper
When you thrust so deep.
I am spinning, swirling
Losing myself to this beat
Between us,
This music of flesh
We play
When we move like this.

You are
Trembling, hands
On me, fingers
Stroking my skin,
Rocking me to my core
While you fuck me, now
Ropes straining at my wrists
Gasps spilling out loud,
A jumble of sound.
You are plunging, groaning
Losing yourself to this beat
Between us
This current of lust
We crave
When our fire burns hot.

We are
Moaning, loud
Two souls, crying
Hips grind and press
You’re all the way inside;
I shake, I shudder
Eyes clenched tight when you thrust
The spasm within
Searing with your force.
We are swaying, dancing
Losing ourselves to this beat
Between us
This sky full of bliss
We share
When we come as one.


Silhouette image of woman in tiny panties looking posed

Pomp and Circumstance

Sergey Mironov ©
Sergey Mironov ©
Jade A. Waters

The sound of my alarm is his cue:
He's awake, pushing aside the covers,
Wrapping his body around me.
His fingers don't hesitate, sliding easily
Between my thighs and within
The swell of my cunt,
Ensuring I am as wet as he thinks I am.
He's right, of course,
I’m always like this in the morning—
The days and nights a blur
Of heavy eyelids, tired sighs, fancy clothes,
And a dismal hope of any
Encounter between us despite the hours
That have passed apart.

So here I am—his fingers in me,
His voice a growl against my neck
His arms curving around, hoisting me up.
"Taste you," he mutters, wrangling,
Shifting me until I am posed on his face,
His desperate fingers clawing
Like the slip of his tongue.
It never matters to him that I am
Disheveled, unshowered, musky;
Not when his mouth surrounds my clit
Or his fingers find their way inside.
"Fuck,” I moan. He is eager, hungry,
Lapping at my wetness, making more
Hard thrusts of his fingers, taking
What he can from me this morning
While he waits for the dam to break
In my wild writhe against his tongue.

It doesn't take long. It never does.
I’m all pomp and circumstance by day,
But his mistress of the morning
After a long, hard night; a quivering mass
Once he pulls me beside him
And rolls me onto my back,
Driving in before I've even come down.
He plunges deep, grips my hands tight
Biting at my lips while his breath
Becomes a steady groan, his cock
Filling me until I’m whimpering all over again.
It’s only after we come that we share a
Quiet moment: his lips on mine,
His fingers gliding down my side
The minutes ticking by—his, mine, ours.
Then he smiles into my face and says,
“Good morning, love. Better get dressed,
And get to work.” Indeed, I should,
For one more day, until…


Almost b/w image of topless woman with arm over chest and bright lights

Fucking Love Poems

Alenavlad ©
Alenavlad ©
Jade A. Waters

I was thinking of how much I love you,
How I always want you near,
How something inside me tingles,
Every time that you are here.
It shouldn't be this way, I know.
This electricity, this spark,
The way I feel a little flutter
As if you control my heart.
It's troublesome how well you know me,
How you can smile when you say my name,
But we will pass it off in this frustration
Of our never-ending game.
I'm not supposed to be writing love poems—
I'm a serious poet, you know,
But I'd be lying if I pretended
You aren't a part of the words that flow.
So again, I will shelve my feelings
And exclaim, "I'm locking away my heart"—
But the truth is that I love you so,
I can't imagine being apart.


B/W silhouette of naked woman arching in chair

Greedy, Greedy Girl

Netfalls ©
Jade A. Waters

I'd tell you we've never done this before
But it would be a lie.
In fact we've done it so many times,
I'm surprised it can shock me—
That the way Max circles me while
Steven locks me in place
Can still send ripples up my spine,
Electricity straight to my cunt.
But that's how they like it—
How they like me:
Cuffed to this chair, legs spread
Well before
Steven drops to his knees and
Thumbs my pussy lips apart like I'm his

But I'm not.

"Make her wet," Max says,
As if I'm not already,
As if the weight of his stare alone
Doesn't make my heart thump in my chest,
Or that the slide of Steven’s fingertips
Hasn’t already brought the most delicious,
Excruciating gush of heat
To the apex of my thighs.
His thrusts are hard, deep, fast,
So different than Max's,
With the slow, deliberate way
He'll slide them in,
As if sinking into quicksand while he
Grins at the quiver of my mouth

Like right now.

I am gasping, delirious
Steven mouthing my clit and
Sweet, sweet Max coming up behind me,
Taking my hair in his grasp when he growls
"You like that, don't you?"
Then his lips are on mine, quick
Smothering me in a kiss that only he can give,
Which—paired with Steven’s tongue—
Is making me writhe against this chair.
The seat’s hard against my naked ass,
And I’m straining with the bind of my ankles
The pin of my wrists, with Steven,
Tongue and fingers slicking
While Max yanks back my head.

I’m so open.

Steven’s tongue is baiting me.
I am feverish, trying to squeeze my legs together
And for doing so, I earn the slap of Max’s hand
Before Steven stops cold.
They both eye me, and
I'd cry if I wasn't so close to coming,
But the shuffle that commences
Makes it hard to breathe—
Steven rising from his knees,
Stripping off his clothes;
Max coming round and
Teasing fingers in,
Checking to see if I’m satisfactory
For what comes next.

I need this.

“Greedy, greedy girl,” Max whispers,
“How bad do you want him?”
He’s three fingers in
And I’m clenching my teeth,
Because I know this cue for Steven,
Know the pinch Max takes of my nipple,
The way he twists it, hard
While Steven steps a little closer,
Grabbing his cock not two inches from my face.
“Well?” Max says. His fingers
Have found my sweet spot, but he’s
Just holding them there, still,
Mouth floating over my clit,
Waiting for me to show him

Which I do.

I part my lips and Steven grins,
Easing his shaft along my tongue
Much to Max’s delight, and mine, too—
The moment Steven shoves inside my mouth,
Max gives me what I need:
Mouth sealing over the swell of my clit
With a hungry, pleased groan.
So I suck, hard, lips closing tight
Whimpering when Max breathes, “That’s a good girl,”
And kicks his fingers into motion again,
Slow, slow, deep, till I smile around
The thrust of Steven’s cock.
I have to show him, them
Exactly how much I need this.

I really do.

Couple embracing in silhouette


Menuha ©
Menuha ©
Jade A. Waters

She found herself paralyzed
Sick with grief
And yet not sick at all,
All of it
None of it
Too much
Too little,
And so when he came to her
She was restless,
Her body tense, her mind aching,
Startled by those warm hands,
His warm hands
Sliding round her waist.

"I'm here," he said,
"Right here. Yours."
She held her breath
But deep inside, she knew—
He would free her lungs
When he pulled her closer,
Pressed his lips to hers
Tongue seeking, roaming, finding,
Reminding her of what was,
What could be,
What they were.
"I love you, you know," he said,
And when she said, "I do,"
The words were a whisper into
The wetness of his mouth,
A gasp against the clutch of his body.

The heat fired in her,
As he peeled back the sides of her shirt
Kissed the edge of her jaw,
Trailed damp lips along her neck
And breathed her in,
Before he met her eyes.
"So much," he said. "And I want you now.
Come back to me."
His hands pulled away her shirt
Drifted over her breasts
Circling nipples that waxed, waned
Stood for him,
Before he drew his fingers to her waist
And carefully unfastened her jeans.

At this she sighed—
It was him, her love.
There was
No paralysis,
No grief;
He was the one who knew
How to rescue her time and again.
And when he dropped to his knees
Burying his mouth against the heat
That rose between her thighs—
She tilted back her head,
And moaned it all away

For good.


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B/W image of woman with knees tucked into chest, longing; Belikova ©

Not a Love Poem

Belikova ©
Belikova ©
Jade A. Waters

I could write love poems about us for a lifetime
How it could have been
Would have been
If only it had played out differently,
How we’ve pretended all this time,
It isn't there between us.
We are too busy smiling,
Playing games like two old pals
Who dance around that past, that night
That choice
Even if we both know it was the right one.

The problem is, right isn't always easy
That's why it’s here sometimes—
A fount of heat, a life of love
The secret burning in your eyes
Even though you know, I know,
We know
Not to play that part.
That love is gone, forsaken
A distant memory of a long ago past
The answer to a question
We cannot ask

So, here we are, playing a new game
Turning around the right answer
The good answer
The one that lets us pretend
We are blind to this
For yet another day
That we were never meant to be
A love poem—
Just the ghost of words left on the page
For a lifetime
Of love poems past.