Awake the Nymph

Jade A. Waters

One thrust and she’s done for—
An eternity of logic, of peace
Is washed away in this flood
This bath of wonder that
Engulfs him, drowns him
And makes her cry for more.
All thought of protest
Lined up so carefully within her mind
Is frozen still, her body overtaking
All the reason, the words
As she quivers beneath him.
A tingle of passion has entered her world
Ensnared her soul
Reopened, ignited
The longing she’s fought to hide from
For so long
Her lust gaining control
Over all she can think to say.
For she moves, rolls, pushes
Through this ocean
Over these waves
Of breathlessness,
His sweetness plunging
Into hers, driving
All of it away until
She whimpers aloud
Feral, needed,


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