Her Bliss

Jade A. Waters

A hand
Curves around her breast
Caressing soft skin,
Making her writhe beneath him
As he makes his way down
Kisses all the way along her belly
Until he reaches her swollen clit,
Catches it between his lips
And tugs.

She opens for him
Legs widening in the sheets
Hands coiling in his hair
Whimpers filling the room
As he buries his tongue
Between her folds.
She is dancing against his face
Lifting her hips
For the passion that
He bestows on her,
His tongue lapping, licking, loving
As his fingers trace the silky ring of her pussy
And slip inside.

She heaves a new gasp,
Her body trembling in sweat
Her breasts rising and falling
Her breath whishing past her lips.
She is moaning
As he tends to her,
His mouth and fingers
Working in unison, working faster
Sending the ribbon of heat
Through her every limb, every pore
Until finally
She throws her hands over her face,
Moans the loudest, sweetest cry
And gives him everything he wanted—
Her bliss.


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