In the Dark

Jade A. Waters

In the early morning hours he wakes me
On my ass
Grasping my hip.
“Hi,” he whispers,
And I can feel his thick cock
Nestling between my cheeks.

I’m wet—
That’s what he does to me.
My chest bursts with heat.
I’m still groggy
As it can’t be more than 2 a.m.
And it’s so dark outside
But he rolls me onto my stomach.

Oh, I love it like this
Love the way he weighs me down
His body stretched over mine
Cock to ass
Belly to back
Mouth to my neck
As he wedges himself into the apex of my thighs

“I’m going to fuck you
His words come as a grumble
And he doesn’t even have to work
To slip inside me.
I’m biting at the pillow
As he thrusts deep, waking me fully,
Centering me.

His hands are like birds
Floating everywhere—
Under me to stroke my clit
And cup my breasts,
Then up into my hair, which he twines around his palm.
The power he uses to drive into me
Has the bed shaking and pounding against the wall.

Outside there is the sound of sprinklers,
The lone partyer returning home
And the quiet of night.
But here
In our bed
He’s fucking me so fast, so deep
We’re both groaning loud
With reckless passion.

Cries of pleasure rise
As he thrusts all the way inside.
“You like that?” he murmurs.
I don’t even have to answer—
I’m coming around him,
My cunt spasming just as
He topples over me.

We are gasping now,
Heads mashed side-by-side in the pillow
I breathe into.
And like this,
Pressed close,
We fall back to sleep
In the dark.


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