Trust Me

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Jade A. Waters

“Do you trust me?” he asks.
Of course I do
It's him
But then he's always had a way of testing me
Teasing me
Making sure I understand
Just how deep his love goes
How deep he can go.
“Yes,” I say,
Feeling the flutter of my belly
As he tightens the leather round my wrists.
He's had me here for so long
Yet not long enough.
When he tugs those straps tighter,
I can feel his cock thickening
Against my hip,
And the sweet rush of his breath
Along my neck.

“Are you sure, gorgeous?”
These words are half whisper,
Half growl
Because he’s dragging his nails along my sides
Down to my ass
Grasping it, hard
Before spinning me around.
I am useless, hands locked
Body folded over our bed,
While his teeth nip at my back.
He curves his hand over one cheek,
Tentative, waiting, then lifts it
In a promise to strike.
So I say,
“Yes, yes, I do,”
And he brings it down
Hard and sharp,
Making me jump
With an easy whimper
Which, of course,
Makes him do it again.

For the next several minutes
I fist the blanket and moan to
The glorious raps of his palm
Over my ass,
And when I grow very still,
He stops to slip his hand between my thighs,
Whispering, “Angel, oh angel…”
Before working his fingers inside.
I’m gasping into the comforter
Long before he spreads apart my thighs
To bury his cock
All the way inside, because,
As usual
He’s made it impossible to see straight.
But do I trust him?
Good god, yes.
Forever and always
Trust him to fuck me like I need to be fucked
Long and hard
Right there on our bed—
Which is exactly what he does.

Once I come
I’m blissed out
Still panting a bit,
But he shows me then
Just how much I can trust him
To love me like I need to be loved
He gathers me up into his arms
Flips me over
Stretches me out
And pushes my bound hands up over my head
As stares into my eyes,
Then he trails his fingers
Down my belly
And into the quivering slick of my cunt
Before smiling and whispering,


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