Jade A. Waters

He comes to me
Hands outstretched
Offering wrists
I’ve bound so many times,
Kissed so often
In this beautiful world we share.
“I am yours,” he says,
Kneeling and quiet,
So I circle him, appraising
The strong width of his shoulders
The sheen of his skin
And the way his stomach
When I move close,
But more than that,
The lift of his cock
Once I spread my feet
Just outside his thighs.

“Tonight I will fuck you,” I say,
“My way, until I come.”
He nods,
Stretches hands out farther
Between my knees,
Lifts his eyes
To my naked cunt,
And I can tell
By the look on his face
He doesn’t need me to bind him—
Not today.
He is mine.
I lace my fingers in his hair
Thrust myself against his lips
And close my eyes at
The instant way he slides his tongue
Along me.
He is eager, needing to please,
And doing it
Perfectly, deliciously well.

I clutch him closer
Loving the sound of his breath
In the smash of me to him.
He is good,
So good, tongue circling,
Sucking my clit, slipping inside
And making me gasp.
But when I come, he grins,
Little devil,
As if he thinks
He’s gotten away with something
I hadn’t planned.
Silly, silly boy.
I push him back,
Admire the hard length of his cock
And smirk.
He’s panting when I straddle him,
Louder even when
I slip him inside, and it’s clear
He’s not deserving. Not just yet.

Of course, he feels incredible
But I won’t move—
Not while he’s wriggling
Or giving me that look.
I told him how this would be.
So, with him throbbing
I rub my clit,
Throw back my head
And give a good show
Of making myself come.
He tenses, teeth digging in his lip
And when I ask, “Well?” he whispers,
“Yes, I am yours,” before his cock
Lurches, as if with certainty,
Inside of me.
I take a good, strong grind,
Savoring his desperate moan
And then—only then—do I begin
This delightful little lover of mine.


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