Jade A. Waters

“I want you,” she says.
She extends her palms
She is naked, crouched
On this hotel room floor,
And as she tilts her head
Her hair brushes
Over one of her nipples,
Red and hard, jutting out
From the flush of her breasts.
“Please,” she whispers.
Her belly tightens,
The flesh of her thighs shakes
When she rises to her knees,
But what strikes me most
Is the look in her eyes—
Deep, desirous, loving
Binding herself to me.

I unfasten my belt
Tug it off my hips,
Weave it round her wrists
As she asked me to do
When we arrived.
Her breath quickens
As does mine,
And once her hands
Are locked together
She wriggles closer,
Waiting while I unzip.
After I release myself
I take her belted wrists,
Guide them under my cock,
And sigh as her fingers
Instantly curl around me.

I cannot stop watching her
When she takes me
Hungrily in her mouth,
Seductive whimpers
Gusting out as her lips
Slide all the way along me.
She doesn’t flinch when she
Moves so quick I strike
The back of her throat.
She doesn’t do anything but smile
As she glides back and forth,
Fingers gripping me tight
Eyes promising, telling me
Everything as the moan
Falls from my lips.

“You are beautiful,”
I say, and she is—
The most beautiful goddess
I’ve ever known,
Her lips reddening as she sucks,
Her body trembling
Almost as much as mine.
The sounds of her mouth
Make me quiver,
Tingle, and gasp.
It’s when the pleasure
Rises that I pull away,
Taking her wrists and
Helping her off the floor.

I push her back on the bed
Hook her wrists round my neck,
And spread apart her legs.
I find her with my fingers—
Dipping them in, slipping them out,
Watching the look on her face,
The flicker of her eyes.
“I need you,” I say,
“Want you so much,”
And her head moves up and down
As I kiss her, then slide inside.
Her heat sucks me in,
Grasps me tight.

Her cries spill
Against my mouth
As I thrust, and inhale her scent.
I am drowning in this.
She shudders when she comes—
Eyes open and bright.
I see her love for me,
Feel my love for her, and
So I drive deep to show her—
I want to be bound
Like this, to her,


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