Jade A. Waters

He puts his hand on my thigh
And I feel my heart
He shouldn’t do this to me
Smooth palm, warm skin
Fingers making the slightest caress
And those eyes
Staring into me, reaching my soul.
“What do you think?” he asks.
I don’t know anymore
What the answer is
What he’s saying,
Are we talking about the sunset
Or the touch of his skin on mine?
It’s ridiculous how I
Lose myself with him,
How the sunset we’re watching
In comparison to those eyes
That hand, that mouth
Leaning into my ear.
“Well?” he whispers.
It’s not my heart that stops now
It’s my breathing.
I’m not breathing
I am holding here
Watching fingers curve over my thigh.
The rush of his breath on my cheek
Is sweeter than the golden glow
Of the horizon,
And I know I want all of him
His touch, his kiss
Basking with me here in this sunset.
So I raise my head,
Take a breath
Take this chance.
“It’s perfect,” I say,
And I lean in for the kiss
Radiating, golden and glorious
Beneath our sunset.


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