Across the Distance

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Jade A. Waters

Her cunt opens—
Folds slick and full
Spread apart by fingers
Grazing up, along, in
Her wet, pink slit
As she moans.

She is trembling, breasts heaving
While she stirs her finger
Round her tender, swollen clit,
Calls for him, bites her lip
Her eyelids drooping, fluttering,

He is watching her,
As naked as she is but
Oceans away, one hand
Circling his shaft, squeezing, stroking
Until he, too, shudders,
And calls out her name.

They are two bodies close
Across the distance, toes curling
At the view on their screens,
Whimpers, moans shared between them,
For even worlds apart, like this
It’s together, they come.

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