A Love Affair, From A to Z: “J” – Just Let Go

The following is the next segment of "A Love Affair, From A to Z."
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Jade A. Waters

Just let go.”
He says it over drinks, leaning close,
Both of them breathless at a conversation
Bearing so much possibility.
“Just do it, do this with me,
Don't worry so much, and feel this. Okay?”
She is, she is,
Feeling so much her heart could explode,
And her words spill from her lips like winded sighs
“I love you, I love you…”
And yet—
There's that part inside brewing,
Worrying about the future, worrying that their secret, sacred love
Is going to break,
Because their reality is a cruel, cruel thing.
But he slips his hand across the table,
Lacing his fingers with hers and flashing her that entrancing, magnificent smile
Below eyes she has silently melted into for years.
He says, “Be here, with me.”
And she is right there,
Grounded in him
All over again.

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