Jade A. Waters is a lover of words, both on the page and whispered aloud. While she is primarily an erotic fiction writer, she’s been hooked on poetry since her early years. This site is a continuation and exploration of her love of verse—erotic and not, structured or free. She will update it with new pieces as they bloom, and she very much hopes you enjoy them.

Want to get a feel for her work? Here are a few pieces to get you started…

He’s Got Her” is an erotic poem about the kind of desire felt when a lover truly sees into your soul, while “Shouldn’t” is a structured piece about the kind of love that hurts. “Earth” is a raw, gritty piece about lust and the things that connect us to one another, while “Butterfly” is one of Jade’s non-erotic poems about strength, healing, and the forces that make us who we are. Finally, “A Love Affair, From A to Z” is a narrative poem Jade wrote in episodic form throughout the month of April 2017. Jade plans to gather this particular serial poem together in both ebook and audio form in the near future.

If you’re interested in Jade’s fiction and confessions, or posts on her musings, experiences, and news in the erotic world, please visit her main site.

Official Bio:

Jade Aurora Waters has always had a terrible habit of liking literary trouble. It started with sneaking dirty books under the covers to read by flashlight when she was young. Later, she convinced her boyfriend that the sexiest form of foreplay was reading provocative synonyms from a thesaurus. Her fondness for things that made others blush continued to unfurl, and by the time she picked up Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin, she realized her next step was writing erotica.

Photo by Daisy Rose Coby

Photo by Daisy Rose Coby

Jade has been penning erotic poems and stories ever since this epiphany. Sometimes, her stories are romantic and sweet; others, they are naughty and wild. But no matter the content, Jade believes in the power of erotica. It’s a genre of fantasy, desire, discovery, and truth, with stories exploring everything from lust and love, to communication, empathy, and even pain. Erotica has the ability to transform, heal, and connect not only the characters within, but those who choose to read it—and she hopes you’d like to take part in this journey when you read her stories.

Jade is the author of the Lessons in Control series published by Carina Press. Jade’s short fiction and poetry has appeared in several Cleis Press and Stupid Fish Productions anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1; Hungry for More; Best Women’s Erotica 2014; Best Erotic Romance of the Year, Volume 1The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories; and The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30. Her work has also been included on the Cosmopolitan UK website, and has been performed on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast.

Be sure to stay current on more upcoming releases and tales by following her main blog at http://jadeawaters.com, and signing up for her newsletter right here.


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