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A Love Affair, From A to Z: “R” – Reality

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Jade A. Waters

Reality is settling in
Like a cancer
Winding its way deep,
Seeping into her bones
In a ferocious cold spell to
Threaten an end she isn't ready for.
Over coffee, he tells her
“All the best things are bittersweet”—
Beautiful, wonderful memories that make him feel
Something, anything
But that always carry a twinge of pain.
She doesn’t think so.
She thinks good, beautiful things are worth the effort
If everyone can just be on the same page.
She sips her coffee beside him,
Listening to him speak while he tenderly strokes her thigh,
And she imagines the two of them old, together like this
Talking philosophy and love
Until the end.
She realizes then more fully than she has before
That their love is a beacon,
The sparkling star in her life,
And she’d do anything to keep it bright.

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A Love Affair, From A to Z: “Q” – Quivering

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Jade A. Waters

Quivering, she is quaking
Caught up in the depth of what she feels for him,
In how he can make her entire existence shift
Into a whole new feeling she clutches tight in her grasp.
It’s the dance they’ve settled into,
Shamelessly forgetting every complication
Every catch,
And yet aware of it like a siren
Off in the distance
Warning them so much pain is ahead.
But she loves him
Good god how she loves him,
Such a powerful gift, her love,
Which she knows he can feel when he comes to her,
When he cocoons her in his arms and kisses her
Like she can make everything okay.
She is his escape
And the two of them talk and whisper,
Settling into their familiar hold,
Their bodies coming together
As quickly and easily as their
Foolish and blind
Open hearts.

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A Love Affair, From A to Z: “P” – Perfect

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Jade A. Waters

Perfect is the day he celebrates with her
Both of them silent over the abyss looming ahead
Instead tangled up,
Kissing, fucking, smiling,
Laughing, laughing, oh, how they can laugh together.
He toasts her for her win
Spoils her with affectionate kisses and cheers
And after another round that leaves them panting,
His naked skin on hers is the best prize of all,
His fingers laced with hers the one thing she truly wants.
But he offers dinner
Her favorite dinner
And she’s soaring all over again.
He says he does it because she appreciates it, which she does
Following him through the store,
Nearly skipping as he talks about
Sauces, seasonings, and specialty ingredients
And it battles the ache that’s started to weigh down her heart.
When they return, she kisses the back of his neck and says,
“I love when you cook for me.”
He abandons the groceries covering the counters for a moment,
Showering her in love while she continues,
“I want it often. All the time.”
He kisses her cheek and thumbs her chin
To make her heart pick up speed, because it blossoms
At his new, perfect promise:
“Then you shall have it.”

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A Love Affair, From A to Z: “H” – Her Heart

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Jade A. Waters

Her heart is alive
Full like it's never been before
And though she's known love many times
It's never been like this—
Rich and decadent, with a touch of bittersweet,
Warming her up until she's bursting with joy
Floating to see him, at the memories they're painting between them,
Lovelier than any images she's ever been part of before.
She catches herself singing in the laundry room and laughs—
She's been tattered and broken, rooted up from the earth and ruined,
Her heart ground up into little bits in the past—
And yet with him she is free to soar, free to love, protected, safe
And so fucking happy she glides through the days,
Celebrating this love, his love, and
How glorious it feels that they've come together
After all this yearning and wondering.
She can't picture a future without him in it,
And when she tells him this, he scoops her up, kisses her lips, and says
“Good, because I need you in my life, too.”

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A Love Affair, From A to Z: “G” – Good

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Jade A. Waters

God, its good, right?”
He is stroking her thigh,
His other arm arched up over their heads on the pillow
So he can tease the tangled strands of her hair.
She nestles into his neck, breathing him in—
She's loved his scent since she met him, years before—
“I think good is an understatement.”
He laughs, agrees;
“You know what, it's true. It's crazy, yeah?”
“It is. I might even give you top five!” she teases.
He is laughing, belly shaking, staring starry eyed at the ceiling above them,
A white wash as pure as their love
And a sharp contrast to the flicker of nervousness
That tries to station itself deep in her gut.
She snuggles closer to avert her eyes
And kisses the edge of his jaw
Because he's always been able to call her bluff.
She doesn't want to think about the future yet
Not yet
And besides, she'd rank him number one.
When he mutters something about needing a cigarette
And loving the way it feels with her
She tells him the obvious answer is that it can only be this good
Because it’s them.

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Jade A. Waters

She found herself paralyzed
Sick with grief
And yet not sick at all,
All of it
None of it
Too much
Too little,
And so when he came to her
She was restless,
Her body tense, her mind aching,
Startled by those warm hands,
His warm hands
Sliding round her waist.

"I'm here," he said,
"Right here. Yours."
She held her breath
But deep inside, she knew—
He would free her lungs
When he pulled her closer,
Pressed his lips to hers
Tongue seeking, roaming, finding,
Reminding her of what was,
What could be,
What they were.
"I love you, you know," he said,
And when she said, "I do,"
The words were a whisper into
The wetness of his mouth,
A gasp against the clutch of his body.

The heat fired in her,
As he peeled back the sides of her shirt
Kissed the edge of her jaw,
Trailed damp lips along her neck
And breathed her in,
Before he met her eyes.
"So much," he said. "And I want you now.
Come back to me."
His hands pulled away her shirt
Drifted over her breasts
Circling nipples that waxed, waned
Stood for him,
Before he drew his fingers to her waist
And carefully unfastened her jeans.

At this she sighed—
It was him, her love.
There was
No paralysis,
No grief;
He was the one who knew
How to rescue her time and again.
And when he dropped to his knees
Burying his mouth against the heat
That rose between her thighs—
She tilted back her head,
And moaned it all away

For good.


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Jade A. Waters

I wonder how long I'll write about you
It's not that I love you anymore
But you've seeped in somehow
Made yourself part of my being for a lifetime.
We were this thing
This magic
Like the thicket that grew round Aurora's palace
Thorny vines weaving their spell
Around a complicated love
Filled with discovery and lust
But tortured all the same.
I wouldn't do it differently
And yet I feel sometimes
This residual spark inside
Too hot to the touch
Too good
Too dangerous
And filled with the memory
Of how I almost lost myself with you,
Could have forgotten who I really was
Because it was so easy
When I was with you.

Don't worry
I'm not pining.
I'm more into
Knowing I won’t be lost
Inside a love that was so good
But filled with jagged edges, too
I'm sure that if I ever ran into you again
And you laid it on like you do—
That voice of yours
Those eyes that stared right into me
Those hands that touched like
They knew every pore and wanted
To live as part of me forever—
Yes, I know I'd smile and walk away
Because I have to
No matter how long I might pause to consider you, that,
Addiction is addiction
You were my addiction
And as much as I long and burn
For what that felt like
I can't lose myself again.

So I guess that's why,
I write about you
I write about us
I write about those feelings that
Woke parts of me so long sleeping
High up in that palace.
It's because that
Was a story made for reading
So many times over,
But fairy tales aren't meant
For real life,
They aren't meant to continue.
They're meant to be savored, cherished,
But inevitably
They're meant to be closed, shelved,
And thought of on occasion
Putting a smile on the lips
And a patter in the heart
Before real life continues on
Without them.


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Because of the Way He Held Me

Jade A. Waters

Two silhouettes in a room
Filled with smoke, voices loud
He came to me, cornered me
Whispered, “Won’t you come with me?”
His arm twining round my waist, pulling me close
And I did, knowing for certain
It would be because of the way he held me.

Our dance began—magnificent, tremendous,
Two rushing rivers of lust,
Two colliding powers of desperate force.
When he stared into my eyes, I saw everything—
The world, the stars, the secrets to our souls.
It was all wrong
It was so right
But it was because of the way he held me.

Together, we moved
Hips joined, breaths one
A fire so deep the earth trembled, rolled, split open
A tsunami of sensation crashing over him, over me
Over us.
We were the tide, controlling rivers, lakes, and oceans,
We were the universe
All because of the way he held me.

In the dark of the night, we lingered close
His words more whispers, his fingers tracing swirls
Over the tender spread of my hips—
“Because you’re mine,” he’d say.
And I would cave, succumb
And feel
Making wrong a broken word I didn’t understand
Because this was right
And all because of the way he held me.

Now, the wash of memory sweeps across a distant shore
But his hands are still on me, his lips still near
The brand of a lifetime
So deep in these pores.
And I know it will be this way,
A long, long while
Because of the way he held me.


Man over woman kissing her

He’s Got Her

Jade A. Waters

He's got her
Spread out
Her limbs stretched across this bed
Wrist to headboard
Foot to base
But this has nothing to do with
It's the way he looks at her
The way he sees inside her soul,
The way his fingers dig
So deep inside her cunt,
Finding her secrets
Her truths
And all her dreams,
With the flick of his wrist and a glint in his eyes.
She thinks for a moment
It's not right that he can do this,
Not right that he can take her
From cynical to believer in seconds
But he does,
Every time he holds her
Kisses her
Loves her.
This is what she realizes
As he circles her clit with his tongue
And drives those fingers inside;
He's got her,
Caught her,
Ensnared her heart and soul in his net
For a lifetime to come
Because it’s supposed to be,
Was meant to be.
It is.
So when he thrusts into her,
Grunting, bearing, deep and loving,
She knows—
This love he takes from her
This love she freely shares,
It was never hers to give in the first place
Because she’s always
Belonged to him.


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Awake the Nymph

Jade A. Waters

One thrust and she’s done for—
An eternity of logic, of peace
Is washed away in this flood
This bath of wonder that
Engulfs him, drowns him
And makes her cry for more.
All thought of protest
Lined up so carefully within her mind
Is frozen still, her body overtaking
All the reason, the words
As she quivers beneath him.
A tingle of passion has entered her world
Ensnared her soul
Reopened, ignited
The longing she’s fought to hide from
For so long
Her lust gaining control
Over all she can think to say.
For she moves, rolls, pushes
Through this ocean
Over these waves
Of breathlessness,
His sweetness plunging
Into hers, driving
All of it away until
She whimpers aloud
Feral, needed,