Couple embracing in silhouette


Jade A. Waters

She found herself paralyzed
Sick with grief
And yet not sick at all,
All of it
None of it
Too much
Too little,
And so when he came to her
She was restless,
Her body tense, her mind aching,
Startled by those warm hands,
His warm hands
Sliding round her waist.

"I'm here," he said,
"Right here. Yours."
She held her breath
But deep inside, she knew—
He would free her lungs
When he pulled her closer,
Pressed his lips to hers
Tongue seeking, roaming, finding,
Reminding her of what was,
What could be,
What they were.
"I love you, you know," he said,
And when she said, "I do,"
The words were a whisper into
The wetness of his mouth,
A gasp against the clutch of his body.

The heat fired in her,
As he peeled back the sides of her shirt
Kissed the edge of her jaw,
Trailed damp lips along her neck
And breathed her in,
Before he met her eyes.
"So much," he said. "And I want you now.
Come back to me."
His hands pulled away her shirt
Drifted over her breasts
Circling nipples that waxed, waned
Stood for him,
Before he drew his fingers to her waist
And carefully unfastened her jeans.

At this she sighed—
It was him, her love.
There was
No paralysis,
No grief;
He was the one who knew
How to rescue her time and again.
And when he dropped to his knees
Burying his mouth against the heat
That rose between her thighs—
She tilted back her head,
And moaned it all away

For good.


B/W image of woman with knees tucked into chest, longing; Belikova ©

Not a Love Poem

Jade A. Waters

I could write love poems about us for a lifetime
How it could have been
Would have been
If only it had played out differently,
How we’ve pretended all this time,
It isn't there between us.
We are too busy smiling,
Playing games like two old pals
Who dance around that past, that night
That choice
Even if we both know it was the right one.

The problem is, right isn't always easy
That's why it’s here sometimes—
A fount of heat, a life of love
The secret burning in your eyes
Even though you know, I know,
We know
Not to play that part.
That love is gone, forsaken
A distant memory of a long ago past
The answer to a question
We cannot ask

So, here we are, playing a new game
Turning around the right answer
The good answer
The one that lets us pretend
We are blind to this
For yet another day
That we were never meant to be
A love poem—
Just the ghost of words left on the page
For a lifetime
Of love poems past.


B/W image of the back and ass of woman 's body on ground, damp; Artem Furman ©


Jade A. Waters

We lie here, together
One with this earth
Bodies writhing,
Chests pressed
Arms stretching in soil,
We seek to grab anything,
Clawing into ground.
Muddied and sore,
Our fingers lace, tight—
Mine are yours
Yours are mine
And your kisses
Take my cheeks, my lips,
Shocking like raindrops
That tumble down from
The murky sky.

As we fuck, the dirt
Spreads, surrounds,
Hugs the grind of our hips
The arch of my back,
The dig of my heels
On this sandy shore.
Ours are desperate groans
That sway and hum;
They are the sweep of waves
Filling the universe
With an infinite, noisy lust.
For this, we press on,
Our hunger that of the dirtied—
Wanting, bearing down;
Together in this soil
We are one.

There is a tremor
A cry that fills our ears,
Rattles our souls
And we shudder in this caress.
This is closeness,
But our need is harder,
Sweaty and raw
We are lost
In this feral clutch,
Longing to be closer
To be deeper, and part
Of the very earth
On which we grind.


Cover of Coming Together: In Verse

“Longing” – Part of Coming Together: In Verse

Jade A. Waters
One of three brand new poems, out now in Coming Together: In Verse

I believe this is what they call longing:
The quick pulse in my neck
The tightness of my belly
The hot, wet clench of my cunt,
Because all I can think about is you—
Standing there, that smile on your face
Cock hard and lifted
For me.

So I catch a breath of air,
Catch because I can
Hardly breathe when I look at you
When I think of you, when I crave you,
Walking closer and
Skimming fingers over
All the parts of me that long
For this.

You sit beside me
Hip to mine, head cocked
Those fingertips finding their way inside—
No pretense, no hesitation.
I find my breath, fast and deep,
Like the thrust of your fingers
And when I close my eyes and cry out, it is
For you.

I know now that
Yes, this is longing,
Even when you give me what I ache for,
Show me what I need.
I still lie here, feeling you, loving you
Lost in your touch—but
Longing—infinitely, indefinitely
For more.


Find out more about Jade's contributions to Coming Together: In Verse here, or buy the anthology on Amazon.
Picture of the infinite star field in reds and golds

Love Like the Stars

Jade A. Waters

Like a star you plummet—
Deep, dark
The universe that stood between us
Filled, warm
The glisten of stars
Spins round
             So fast
To feel the ache that fills you
Fills me
Pushes us;
Sweat like oceans
Sways with the tide,
Down your cheeks as you tire,
But the moon trembles
And cries for more
An eclipse
Of surrender
And like comets there is
A drizzle,
A dripping
Of the heavens
Between us.


Artistic image of golden sunset against teal sky over golden cornfield


Jade A. Waters

He puts his hand on my thigh
And I feel my heart
He shouldn’t do this to me
Smooth palm, warm skin
Fingers making the slightest caress
And those eyes
Staring into me, reaching my soul.
“What do you think?” he asks.
I don’t know anymore
What the answer is
What he’s saying,
Are we talking about the sunset
Or the touch of his skin on mine?
It’s ridiculous how I
Lose myself with him,
How the sunset we’re watching
In comparison to those eyes
That hand, that mouth
Leaning into my ear.
“Well?” he whispers.
It’s not my heart that stops now
It’s my breathing.
I’m not breathing
I am holding here
Watching fingers curve over my thigh.
The rush of his breath on my cheek
Is sweeter than the golden glow
Of the horizon,
And I know I want all of him
His touch, his kiss
Basking with me here in this sunset.
So I raise my head,
Take a breath
Take this chance.
“It’s perfect,” I say,
And I lean in for the kiss
Radiating, golden and glorious
Beneath our sunset.


Image of man pinning woman's hands above her head against wall


Jade A. Waters

“I want you,” she says.
She extends her palms
She is naked, crouched
On this hotel room floor,
And as she tilts her head
Her hair brushes
Over one of her nipples,
Red and hard, jutting out
From the flush of her breasts.
“Please,” she whispers.
Her belly tightens,
The flesh of her thighs shakes
When she rises to her knees,
But what strikes me most
Is the look in her eyes—
Deep, desirous, loving
Binding herself to me.

I unfasten my belt
Tug it off my hips,
Weave it round her wrists
As she asked me to do
When we arrived.
Her breath quickens
As does mine,
And once her hands
Are locked together
She wriggles closer,
Waiting while I unzip.
After I release myself
I take her belted wrists,
Guide them under my cock,
And sigh as her fingers
Instantly curl around me.

I cannot stop watching her
When she takes me
Hungrily in her mouth,
Seductive whimpers
Gusting out as her lips
Slide all the way along me.
She doesn’t flinch when she
Moves so quick I strike
The back of her throat.
She doesn’t do anything but smile
As she glides back and forth,
Fingers gripping me tight
Eyes promising, telling me
Everything as the moan
Falls from my lips.

“You are beautiful,”
I say, and she is—
The most beautiful goddess
I’ve ever known,
Her lips reddening as she sucks,
Her body trembling
Almost as much as mine.
The sounds of her mouth
Make me quiver,
Tingle, and gasp.
It’s when the pleasure
Rises that I pull away,
Taking her wrists and
Helping her off the floor.

I push her back on the bed
Hook her wrists round my neck,
And spread apart her legs.
I find her with my fingers—
Dipping them in, slipping them out,
Watching the look on her face,
The flicker of her eyes.
“I need you,” I say,
“Want you so much,”
And her head moves up and down
As I kiss her, then slide inside.
Her heat sucks me in,
Grasps me tight.

Her cries spill
Against my mouth
As I thrust, and inhale her scent.
I am drowning in this.
She shudders when she comes—
Eyes open and bright.
I see her love for me,
Feel my love for her, and
So I drive deep to show her—
I want to be bound
Like this, to her,


Shadowy image of woman looking to side wearing bra


Jade A. Waters

I know I shouldn’t
Want you like this


Feel this way with you
Need you like I do


All the things I get from you
And yet I keep thinking it’s


That is the answer
You that makes me crave


I don’t even think you see it
Because it’s not possible this


I guess I’m loving you from afar
Trying not to let it show


It hurts too much
Feels too good and so


Will try to ignore it for
There’s nothing more to


Image of man kissing woman's chest as seen through a doorway

Trust Me

Welcome to Poetry by Jade! This is a secondary site to my main writing website, where I post short fiction, musings, confessions, and news.

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Jade A. Waters

“Do you trust me?” he asks.
Of course I do
It's him
But then he's always had a way of testing me
Teasing me
Making sure I understand
Just how deep his love goes
How deep he can go.
“Yes,” I say,
Feeling the flutter of my belly
As he tightens the leather round my wrists.
He's had me here for so long
Yet not long enough.
When he tugs those straps tighter,
I can feel his cock thickening
Against my hip,
And the sweet rush of his breath
Along my neck.

“Are you sure, gorgeous?”
These words are half whisper,
Half growl
Because he’s dragging his nails along my sides
Down to my ass
Grasping it, hard
Before spinning me around.
I am useless, hands locked
Body folded over our bed,
While his teeth nip at my back.
He curves his hand over one cheek,
Tentative, waiting, then lifts it
In a promise to strike.
So I say,
“Yes, yes, I do,”
And he brings it down
Hard and sharp,
Making me jump
With an easy whimper
Which, of course,
Makes him do it again.

For the next several minutes
I fist the blanket and moan to
The glorious raps of his palm
Over my ass,
And when I grow very still,
He stops to slip his hand between my thighs,
Whispering, “Angel, oh angel…”
Before working his fingers inside.
I’m gasping into the comforter
Long before he spreads apart my thighs
To bury his cock
All the way inside, because,
As usual
He’s made it impossible to see straight.
But do I trust him?
Good god, yes.
Forever and always
Trust him to fuck me like I need to be fucked
Long and hard
Right there on our bed—
Which is exactly what he does.

Once I come
I’m blissed out
Still panting a bit,
But he shows me then
Just how much I can trust him
To love me like I need to be loved
He gathers me up into his arms
Flips me over
Stretches me out
And pushes my bound hands up over my head
As stares into my eyes,
Then he trails his fingers
Down my belly
And into the quivering slick of my cunt
Before smiling and whispering,


B/W image of topless woman (back view) in man's lap

Because of the Way He Held Me

Jade A. Waters

Two silhouettes in a room
Filled with smoke, voices loud
He came to me, cornered me
Whispered, “Won’t you come with me?”
His arm twining round my waist, pulling me close
And I did, knowing for certain
It would be because of the way he held me.

Our dance began—magnificent, tremendous,
Two rushing rivers of lust,
Two colliding powers of desperate force.
When he stared into my eyes, I saw everything—
The world, the stars, the secrets to our souls.
It was all wrong
It was so right
But it was because of the way he held me.

Together, we moved
Hips joined, breaths one
A fire so deep the earth trembled, rolled, split open
A tsunami of sensation crashing over him, over me
Over us.
We were the tide, controlling rivers, lakes, and oceans,
We were the universe
All because of the way he held me.

In the dark of the night, we lingered close
His words more whispers, his fingers tracing swirls
Over the tender spread of my hips—
“Because you’re mine,” he’d say.
And I would cave, succumb
And feel
Making wrong a broken word I didn’t understand
Because this was right
And all because of the way he held me.

Now, the wash of memory sweeps across a distant shore
But his hands are still on me, his lips still near
The brand of a lifetime
So deep in these pores.
And I know it will be this way,
A long, long while
Because of the way he held me.