Man over woman kissing her

He’s Got Her

Jade A. Waters

He's got her
Spread out
Her limbs stretched across this bed
Wrist to headboard
Foot to base
But this has nothing to do with
It's the way he looks at her
The way he sees inside her soul,
The way his fingers dig
So deep inside her cunt,
Finding her secrets
Her truths
And all her dreams,
With the flick of his wrist and a glint in his eyes.
She thinks for a moment
It's not right that he can do this,
Not right that he can take her
From cynical to believer in seconds
But he does,
Every time he holds her
Kisses her
Loves her.
This is what she realizes
As he circles her clit with his tongue
And drives those fingers inside;
He's got her,
Caught her,
Ensnared her heart and soul in his net
For a lifetime to come
Because it’s supposed to be,
Was meant to be.
It is.
So when he thrusts into her,
Grunting, bearing, deep and loving,
She knows—
This love he takes from her
This love she freely shares,
It was never hers to give in the first place
Because she’s always
Belonged to him.


Man over woman in bed, both wearing white underwear on white sheets


Jade A. Waters

I tell you I own you
Then watch
The corners of your lips
Turn up in an eager smile.
You tremble slightly,
Breasts heaving
Belly fluttering,
And between your thighs is the sweetest sight,
Slick, silky moisture
Ensconcing my fingers as I slide them inside you.
Now you shudder,
Whisper cries of

You quiver around me as I follow the curves of your body
Until you moan for me.
Then and only then
Do I come to you,
Press every craving inch of me
To the heat
Embracing my cock as I push inside you.
I watch you shudder again.
You grip me
And now your cries
Are mine—

Teeth bared against the perfect flesh
Of your breast
Until I tremble
And fill you.
Because in truth,
My love
It is you who owns me.


Slightly fuzzy image of man over woman with focus on hands together overhead

Morning Desire

Jade A. Waters

Desire felt like morning,
Sun caressing the world
Spreading tender waves that
Envelop me, encircle you.
Your hands trace down my back—
Neck to ass, hip to hip
You tug me closer
Ever closer,
Breathe a husky whisper
With lips soft, damp
And hungry,
Like me.

“Good morning.”
The words float between us,
Your body presses to mine
Your cock solid, seeking.
Your hand slips between warm thighs—
Testing and teasing,
Stroking with a sigh.
When I arch for you,
You sink inside
Teeth bared, sharp
On my shoulder;
In need.

Whimpers spill from my lips
Your thrusts remind me
Wake me
Loving and deep.
We shudder and moan—
Trembling, crying out
Surrendering to this morning desire.
The sunlight peeks
Through the blinds
Caressing skin, warming us.
We catch our breaths
Now one.


Close up of woman's belly and hips pulling down pink panties


Jade A. Waters

Was the color
Of the pair of them,
Smooth and slick
Against me
As I slid into her
Deep and pressing
Against her legs
Her thighs
So round and perfect
And begging
For me to touch them.

So I moved forward,
Hearing her breathe
Loving her cry
My hands over her breasts
Soft and filling
My grip
As I pressed
And again
Only pulling out
To see her wetness
Glistening on my cock
Like I’d dipped myself into the sweetest ocean.

She cries out again,
Her hands thrown over her face
And I know it’s numb
She’s told me before
She gasps and forgets to breathe
With my plummeting into her
Feeling me expand
And pulse
Because she feels so good
She’s making me grow
Inside of her
Making me push
Goddamn she feels
So right
I drive forward and pull back
In that pink
I lose myself and collapse
Across her shivering stomach
And kiss her breasts,
Just until that pink
Engulfs me
For more.