Glamorous woman with three men in potential entanglement; Konrad Bak ©


Jade A. Waters

“I want to be famous,” she says.
Her fingers play over the top bottom of her blouse
Then the next
Opening fabric up to the world,
Her tits springing to life with
Shiny skin, and tight pink nipples
Ready for their moment.
“Do you think that's possible?”
She mutters it from the corner of her mouth
Before she tips forward,
Lips full and eyes so bright
Long, manicured fingers grabbing at his pants
And a coo slipping from her throat when she releases his cock.

She takes it into her hand,
Finds him grinning, asking
“How famous?”
He eyes the look on her face, her mouth
The way she eagerly drops down to her knees
Replacing hand with mouth and swallowing his hard shaft
To suck him as deep as she can.
He may think she's done this many a time before but
She’s thinking of that night so long ago,
All five of them around her, filling her up,
Fingers, tongues and cocks sampling, touching
Every inch of her flesh, outside and in,
Someone muttering, Oh, you're gonna be famous babe. Famous for this.

She groans now as she did then,
Groans for what she seeks—a little bit of him
But more what he can do for her.
She isn't even fazed when he drags her up by her arms,
Spins her around, pushes her flat on the desk
And pries down her pants
To find her ass round like her tits,
Her cunt wet like her mouth.
His fingers search inside for her star qualities
While she wriggles her ass and whispers, "Really, really famous."
When his cock sinks in, his grunts fills her head
And his thrusts align with the echo of her mind—
You're gonna be famous babe. Famous, famous, famous.


Silhouette image of woman in tiny panties looking posed

Pomp and Circumstance

Jade A. Waters

The sound of my alarm is his cue:
He's awake, pushing aside the covers,
Wrapping his body around me.
His fingers don't hesitate, sliding easily
Between my thighs and within
The swell of my cunt,
Ensuring I am as wet as he thinks I am.
He's right, of course,
I’m always like this in the morning—
The days and nights a blur
Of heavy eyelids, tired sighs, fancy clothes,
And a dismal hope of any
Encounter between us despite the hours
That have passed apart.

So here I am—his fingers in me,
His voice a growl against my neck
His arms curving around, hoisting me up.
"Taste you," he mutters, wrangling,
Shifting me until I am posed on his face,
His desperate fingers clawing
Like the slip of his tongue.
It never matters to him that I am
Disheveled, unshowered, musky;
Not when his mouth surrounds my clit
Or his fingers find their way inside.
"Fuck,” I moan. He is eager, hungry,
Lapping at my wetness, making more
Hard thrusts of his fingers, taking
What he can from me this morning
While he waits for the dam to break
In my wild writhe against his tongue.

It doesn't take long. It never does.
I’m all pomp and circumstance by day,
But his mistress of the morning
After a long, hard night; a quivering mass
Once he pulls me beside him
And rolls me onto my back,
Driving in before I've even come down.
He plunges deep, grips my hands tight
Biting at my lips while his breath
Becomes a steady groan, his cock
Filling me until I’m whimpering all over again.
It’s only after we come that we share a
Quiet moment: his lips on mine,
His fingers gliding down my side
The minutes ticking by—his, mine, ours.
Then he smiles into my face and says,
“Good morning, love. Better get dressed,
And get to work.” Indeed, I should,
For one more day, until…


B/W silhouette of naked woman arching in chair

Greedy, Greedy Girl

Jade A. Waters

I'd tell you we've never done this before
But it would be a lie.
In fact we've done it so many times,
I'm surprised it can shock me—
That the way Max circles me while
Steven locks me in place
Can still send ripples up my spine,
Electricity straight to my cunt.
But that's how they like it—
How they like me:
Cuffed to this chair, legs spread
Well before
Steven drops to his knees and
Thumbs my pussy lips apart like I'm his

But I'm not.

"Make her wet," Max says,
As if I'm not already,
As if the weight of his stare alone
Doesn't make my heart thump in my chest,
Or that the slide of Steven’s fingertips
Hasn’t already brought the most delicious,
Excruciating gush of heat
To the apex of my thighs.
His thrusts are hard, deep, fast,
So different than Max's,
With the slow, deliberate way
He'll slide them in,
As if sinking into quicksand while he
Grins at the quiver of my mouth

Like right now.

I am gasping, delirious
Steven mouthing my clit and
Sweet, sweet Max coming up behind me,
Taking my hair in his grasp when he growls
"You like that, don't you?"
Then his lips are on mine, quick
Smothering me in a kiss that only he can give,
Which—paired with Steven’s tongue—
Is making me writhe against this chair.
The seat’s hard against my naked ass,
And I’m straining with the bind of my ankles
The pin of my wrists, with Steven,
Tongue and fingers slicking
While Max yanks back my head.

I’m so open.

Steven’s tongue is baiting me.
I am feverish, trying to squeeze my legs together
And for doing so, I earn the slap of Max’s hand
Before Steven stops cold.
They both eye me, and
I'd cry if I wasn't so close to coming,
But the shuffle that commences
Makes it hard to breathe—
Steven rising from his knees,
Stripping off his clothes;
Max coming round and
Teasing fingers in,
Checking to see if I’m satisfactory
For what comes next.

I need this.

“Greedy, greedy girl,” Max whispers,
“How bad do you want him?”
He’s three fingers in
And I’m clenching my teeth,
Because I know this cue for Steven,
Know the pinch Max takes of my nipple,
The way he twists it, hard
While Steven steps a little closer,
Grabbing his cock not two inches from my face.
“Well?” Max says. His fingers
Have found my sweet spot, but he’s
Just holding them there, still,
Mouth floating over my clit,
Waiting for me to show him

Which I do.

I part my lips and Steven grins,
Easing his shaft along my tongue
Much to Max’s delight, and mine, too—
The moment Steven shoves inside my mouth,
Max gives me what I need:
Mouth sealing over the swell of my clit
With a hungry, pleased groan.
So I suck, hard, lips closing tight
Whimpering when Max breathes, “That’s a good girl,”
And kicks his fingers into motion again,
Slow, slow, deep, till I smile around
The thrust of Steven’s cock.
I have to show him, them
Exactly how much I need this.

I really do.

Image of woman in leather holding handcuffs


Jade A. Waters

He comes to me
Hands outstretched
Offering wrists
I’ve bound so many times,
Kissed so often
In this beautiful world we share.
“I am yours,” he says,
Kneeling and quiet,
So I circle him, appraising
The strong width of his shoulders
The sheen of his skin
And the way his stomach
When I move close,
But more than that,
The lift of his cock
Once I spread my feet
Just outside his thighs.

“Tonight I will fuck you,” I say,
“My way, until I come.”
He nods,
Stretches hands out farther
Between my knees,
Lifts his eyes
To my naked cunt,
And I can tell
By the look on his face
He doesn’t need me to bind him—
Not today.
He is mine.
I lace my fingers in his hair
Thrust myself against his lips
And close my eyes at
The instant way he slides his tongue
Along me.
He is eager, needing to please,
And doing it
Perfectly, deliciously well.

I clutch him closer
Loving the sound of his breath
In the smash of me to him.
He is good,
So good, tongue circling,
Sucking my clit, slipping inside
And making me gasp.
But when I come, he grins,
Little devil,
As if he thinks
He’s gotten away with something
I hadn’t planned.
Silly, silly boy.
I push him back,
Admire the hard length of his cock
And smirk.
He’s panting when I straddle him,
Louder even when
I slip him inside, and it’s clear
He’s not deserving. Not just yet.

Of course, he feels incredible
But I won’t move—
Not while he’s wriggling
Or giving me that look.
I told him how this would be.
So, with him throbbing
I rub my clit,
Throw back my head
And give a good show
Of making myself come.
He tenses, teeth digging in his lip
And when I ask, “Well?” he whispers,
“Yes, I am yours,” before his cock
Lurches, as if with certainty,
Inside of me.
I take a good, strong grind,
Savoring his desperate moan
And then—only then—do I begin
This delightful little lover of mine.


Couple in bed, man pinning her down, hair covering faces


Jade A. Waters

It’s Monday
So I know you know
What that statement means:
The blare of alarm
The blinding sun
Oh fuck me
Time for work.
But what you don’t know
As I’m stretching out
Trying to wake myself up
In a jumble of sheets I
Somehow wrapped around my limbs,
Is what happens next
On this particular Monday

Which is rather spectacular.

You see
That alarm makes its shrieking sound
And I slap it with a grunt,
But then Maxwell slithers up behind me.
He buries his lips
In the crook of my neck
And despite the tangle of the sheets,
He’s found his way in
Hard cock against my ass
As his fingers find my clit,
And I know in about
Five seconds
That this Monday isn’t going to be
Like that.

Also, that I won’t need coffee.

“Happy Monday, baby,” he says,
Fingers massaging my swollen clit
Before he slips them down and inside of me.
“Mmmm,” he says,
As he props himself up,
Sweeps aside my hair
And bites the back of my neck.
“Hi,” I murmur,
Because he’s thrusting fingers in and out
Cock rolling up against them
From his position behind me,
And I wonder how the sun
Can be so painfully blinding
But the ache in me so good.

Maxwell knows what he wants on a Monday

So he gathers my hair in his hand
And tugs it, hard
While he bites my neck again
And shoves his cock inside.
I’m awake, so awake,
He’s buried to the hilt
Just listening to me breathe.
“Good morning,” he says.
I arch back my hips
Because words are lost on me right now.
He sweeps fingers over my clit
And then he starts to move
Really move
Driving hard and deep.

Pleasure hits me brighter than the sun.

I whimper when I come
And Maxwell holds me tight
Fucking me so hard
It’s as if he’s been away for years,
Though he’s been in my bed all night.
I wish I could describe
How hard I’m shaking
When he thrusts in,
And fills me with his heat.
It’s the best kind of caffeine,
Revving us both up
As we lay here,

I’d tell you I hate Mondays but I’d be lying

Because we stay there for a while
His fingers sliding up my stomach
Lightly stroking my skin
Teasing my nipples,
His kisses playing over my neck
While the juices of our Monday morning
Slip out of me and over us,
Just before the snooze alarm
Starts to scream.
Maxwell leans over me,
Turns it off,
Runs his hand along my side
And plants a kiss on my cheek,
Then says again,
“Happy Monday.”

And I’ll tell you—yes it is, indeed.


B/W image of topless woman (back view) in man's lap

Because of the Way He Held Me

Jade A. Waters

Two silhouettes in a room
Filled with smoke, voices loud
He came to me, cornered me
Whispered, “Won’t you come with me?”
His arm twining round my waist, pulling me close
And I did, knowing for certain
It would be because of the way he held me.

Our dance began—magnificent, tremendous,
Two rushing rivers of lust,
Two colliding powers of desperate force.
When he stared into my eyes, I saw everything—
The world, the stars, the secrets to our souls.
It was all wrong
It was so right
But it was because of the way he held me.

Together, we moved
Hips joined, breaths one
A fire so deep the earth trembled, rolled, split open
A tsunami of sensation crashing over him, over me
Over us.
We were the tide, controlling rivers, lakes, and oceans,
We were the universe
All because of the way he held me.

In the dark of the night, we lingered close
His words more whispers, his fingers tracing swirls
Over the tender spread of my hips—
“Because you’re mine,” he’d say.
And I would cave, succumb
And feel
Making wrong a broken word I didn’t understand
Because this was right
And all because of the way he held me.

Now, the wash of memory sweeps across a distant shore
But his hands are still on me, his lips still near
The brand of a lifetime
So deep in these pores.
And I know it will be this way,
A long, long while
Because of the way he held me.


Man over woman kissing her

He’s Got Her

Jade A. Waters

He's got her
Spread out
Her limbs stretched across this bed
Wrist to headboard
Foot to base
But this has nothing to do with
It's the way he looks at her
The way he sees inside her soul,
The way his fingers dig
So deep inside her cunt,
Finding her secrets
Her truths
And all her dreams,
With the flick of his wrist and a glint in his eyes.
She thinks for a moment
It's not right that he can do this,
Not right that he can take her
From cynical to believer in seconds
But he does,
Every time he holds her
Kisses her
Loves her.
This is what she realizes
As he circles her clit with his tongue
And drives those fingers inside;
He's got her,
Caught her,
Ensnared her heart and soul in his net
For a lifetime to come
Because it’s supposed to be,
Was meant to be.
It is.
So when he thrusts into her,
Grunting, bearing, deep and loving,
She knows—
This love he takes from her
This love she freely shares,
It was never hers to give in the first place
Because she’s always
Belonged to him.


Dusky image of man kissing woman with hand on her cheek

The Wait

Jade A. Waters

He cups the side of my face
Thumb rubbing gently, mindlessly
Across the surface of ruddy skin
That waits for more—waits for him.
“Spread your legs,” he says, and I do,
The rush of air kissing my thighs
Grazing the naked heat of my cunt.
“Just like that,” he says,
His fingertips traveling down
Faintly tracing the slope of my neck
The curve of my breast,
And teasing my nipple
In quick, playful tugs.

“Touch me, please.”
My words are a growl
Coming out so deep, so hungrily
I’m sure they emanate from where I ache
Where I need him more than anything,
But still he makes me wait.
I am open
While he strips off his shirt
Unzips the fly on those trousers
And eases himself out.
He is beautiful, hard,
And he circles his length
In sync with the strokes of a finger
That he winds round my nipple
Before he stands in front of me.

“How badly do you need me?” he asks,
And my answer is an eager lean, an easy moan,
The wrap of my lips
Around the head of his cock,
My eyes on him as I suck him deep
Clutching his hips, drawing him further.
A gasp stumbles from his mouth
When he tilts back his head.
“Yes, just like that,” he moans,
“You must really need me.”
He cups both sides of my face now
His palms electric on my cheeks
His fingers twining in my hair
Before he jerks me back, abruptly
Stealing his gorgeous cock from me.

There is a moment between us
No movement
No sound
Eyes locked as we acknowledge
This wait he puts me through.
Then he pounces—
Pushing me back,
Spreading my thighs ever wider
Before thrusting inside,
Filling me, hard and deep
And bringing cries to my lips
Shudders to my body,
As he makes me wait no longer.


BW image of half-clothed couple looking down at their bodies

You and Only You

Jade A. Waters

He holds her
His chest against hers
His lips hovering near
The air between them is
Thick with desire
With the need burning
Deep inside her
Inside him.
His fingertips loop around her elbows
And he draws her nearer
Into him
“I’ve only wanted you,”
He says,
“You and only you.”
His eyes flicker with lust
His hips arch with yearning.
She meets him
As his hands slip around her waist
Pressing the naked flesh of her low back
Until his cock nestles against wanting flesh,
Glistening folds.
He leans down
His mouth so close
His breath is like candy on her lips
But he holds perfectly still like this,
Both of them shivering with the tension
Dancing between them,
Within them.
And she says,
“Then what are you waiting for?”


Couple kissing in the dark

In the Dark

Jade A. Waters

In the early morning hours he wakes me
On my ass
Grasping my hip.
“Hi,” he whispers,
And I can feel his thick cock
Nestling between my cheeks.

I’m wet—
That’s what he does to me.
My chest bursts with heat.
I’m still groggy
As it can’t be more than 2 a.m.
And it’s so dark outside
But he rolls me onto my stomach.

Oh, I love it like this
Love the way he weighs me down
His body stretched over mine
Cock to ass
Belly to back
Mouth to my neck
As he wedges himself into the apex of my thighs

“I’m going to fuck you
His words come as a grumble
And he doesn’t even have to work
To slip inside me.
I’m biting at the pillow
As he thrusts deep, waking me fully,
Centering me.

His hands are like birds
Floating everywhere—
Under me to stroke my clit
And cup my breasts,
Then up into my hair, which he twines around his palm.
The power he uses to drive into me
Has the bed shaking and pounding against the wall.

Outside there is the sound of sprinklers,
The lone partyer returning home
And the quiet of night.
But here
In our bed
He’s fucking me so fast, so deep
We’re both groaning loud
With reckless passion.

Cries of pleasure rise
As he thrusts all the way inside.
“You like that?” he murmurs.
I don’t even have to answer—
I’m coming around him,
My cunt spasming just as
He topples over me.

We are gasping now,
Heads mashed side-by-side in the pillow
I breathe into.
And like this,
Pressed close,
We fall back to sleep
In the dark.