Blurred image of a sexy pair kissing in the shower

A Love Affair, From A to Z: “U” – Under The Water

The following is the next segment of "A Love Affair, From A to Z."
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Jade A. Waters

Under the water he leads her,
A shower to wash away the sweet smell of their love
As much as the tears that have escaped down her cheeks.
He swipes at them, pulls her close,
His heartbeat steady through the wall of his chest and
Communing with the wild pace of hers.
“I know you hurt. I know that’s how you look at things,
But I don’t. Just…”
He shuffles his feet until his hips are tighter to hers
And he stares at her with eyes she wants to drown in as he says,
“Kiss me.”
She loves it when he says this,
Loves the way he can almost make everything okay again
As if nothing else, beyond this moment
Matters when it comes to them.
So she’s quick to press her lips to his,
Letting his kiss sweep her up
His fingers stroking along her back
To draw her nearer, always nearer,
His wet skin on hers feels too good
Too sweet, and as the kiss speeds and deepens
And their breaths grow windy,
Both of them are pining
For one more fuck
One more hold
One more whisper of the love they share.

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