Morning Desire

Jade A. Waters

Desire felt like morning,
Sun caressing the world
Spreading tender waves that
Envelop me, encircle you.
Your hands trace down my back—
Neck to ass, hip to hip
You tug me closer
Ever closer,
Breathe a husky whisper
With lips soft, damp
And hungry,
Like me.

“Good morning.”
The words float between us,
Your body presses to mine
Your cock solid, seeking.
Your hand slips between warm thighs—
Testing and teasing,
Stroking with a sigh.
When I arch for you,
You sink inside
Teeth bared, sharp
On my shoulder;
In need.

Whimpers spill from my lips
Your thrusts remind me
Wake me
Loving and deep.
We shudder and moan—
Trembling, crying out
Surrendering to this morning desire.
The sunlight peeks
Through the blinds
Caressing skin, warming us.
We catch our breaths
Now one.


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