Jade A. Waters

Was the color
Of the pair of them,
Smooth and slick
Against me
As I slid into her
Deep and pressing
Against her legs
Her thighs
So round and perfect
And begging
For me to touch them.

So I moved forward,
Hearing her breathe
Loving her cry
My hands over her breasts
Soft and filling
My grip
As I pressed
And again
Only pulling out
To see her wetness
Glistening on my cock
Like I’d dipped myself into the sweetest ocean.

She cries out again,
Her hands thrown over her face
And I know it’s numb
She’s told me before
She gasps and forgets to breathe
With my plummeting into her
Feeling me expand
And pulse
Because she feels so good
She’s making me grow
Inside of her
Making me push
Goddamn she feels
So right
I drive forward and pull back
In that pink
I lose myself and collapse
Across her shivering stomach
And kiss her breasts,
Just until that pink
Engulfs me
For more.


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