The Wait

Jade A. Waters

He cups the side of my face
Thumb rubbing gently, mindlessly
Across the surface of ruddy skin
That waits for more—waits for him.
“Spread your legs,” he says, and I do,
The rush of air kissing my thighs
Grazing the naked heat of my cunt.
“Just like that,” he says,
His fingertips traveling down
Faintly tracing the slope of my neck
The curve of my breast,
And teasing my nipple
In quick, playful tugs.

“Touch me, please.”
My words are a growl
Coming out so deep, so hungrily
I’m sure they emanate from where I ache
Where I need him more than anything,
But still he makes me wait.
I am open
While he strips off his shirt
Unzips the fly on those trousers
And eases himself out.
He is beautiful, hard,
And he circles his length
In sync with the strokes of a finger
That he winds round my nipple
Before he stands in front of me.

“How badly do you need me?” he asks,
And my answer is an eager lean, an easy moan,
The wrap of my lips
Around the head of his cock,
My eyes on him as I suck him deep
Clutching his hips, drawing him further.
A gasp stumbles from his mouth
When he tilts back his head.
“Yes, just like that,” he moans,
“You must really need me.”
He cups both sides of my face now
His palms electric on my cheeks
His fingers twining in my hair
Before he jerks me back, abruptly
Stealing his gorgeous cock from me.

There is a moment between us
No movement
No sound
Eyes locked as we acknowledge
This wait he puts me through.
Then he pounces—
Pushing me back,
Spreading my thighs ever wider
Before thrusting inside,
Filling me, hard and deep
And bringing cries to my lips
Shudders to my body,
As he makes me wait no longer.


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