I Imagine

Jade A. Waters

I imagine
Fucking you—
Lifting my skirt, straddling you
Settling over your
Hips and taking
Your cock in hand,
Plump, full
Glistening with that sweet drop
Of precome
Before I glide
Your beautiful length
Along my sticky lips,
The look on your face
Making my cunt seize
Just before I slide you in
And take you as far as I can.

I imagine
We’ll moan
You’ll be so deep inside,
I’ll dig my knees in the floor
So I can best thrust
Along your glorious length.
My hands will run
Up your chest,
Down your sides,
Fingernails digging when
That kiss of yours
Makes me fuck you
Makes my pussy clench
With the way it feels to
Ride you.

I imagine
How we’ll knock
Against that floor,
You stretching me,
Hands on me,
Staring into my face
As I thrust down,
Back up, and god,
You feel so good.
Gasps spring from our lips
And your body tightens
When I grasp your arms
As firmly
As my cunt grips you,
Then take one last, hard rock
To send us into bliss.

I imagine
We’ll lie there
For a while
Hearts pounding,
Breath wild
Bodies lifting, shaking
And tingling.
The sweet fluid
Of us drips
Down all over our floor.
You kiss my fingers,
Nibble them as you grin
Both of us are sated, trembling, happy
Until, I imagine
We try it once more.


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