“Longing” – Part of Coming Together: In Verse

Jade A. Waters
One of three brand new poems, out now in Coming Together: In Verse

I believe this is what they call longing:
The quick pulse in my neck
The tightness of my belly
The hot, wet clench of my cunt,
Because all I can think about is you—
Standing there, that smile on your face
Cock hard and lifted
For me.

So I catch a breath of air,
Catch because I can
Hardly breathe when I look at you
When I think of you, when I crave you,
Walking closer and
Skimming fingers over
All the parts of me that long
For this.

You sit beside me
Hip to mine, head cocked
Those fingertips finding their way inside—
No pretense, no hesitation.
I find my breath, fast and deep,
Like the thrust of your fingers
And when I close my eyes and cry out, it is
For you.

I know now that
Yes, this is longing,
Even when you give me what I ache for,
Show me what I need.
I still lie here, feeling you, loving you
Lost in your touch—but
Longing—infinitely, indefinitely
For more.


Find out more about Jade's contributions to Coming Together: In Verse here, or buy the anthology on Amazon.
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