Greedy, Greedy Girl

Jade A. Waters

I'd tell you we've never done this before
But it would be a lie.
In fact we've done it so many times,
I'm surprised it can shock me—
That the way Max circles me while
Steven locks me in place
Can still send ripples up my spine,
Electricity straight to my cunt.
But that's how they like it—
How they like me:
Cuffed to this chair, legs spread
Well before
Steven drops to his knees and
Thumbs my pussy lips apart like I'm his

But I'm not.

"Make her wet," Max says,
As if I'm not already,
As if the weight of his stare alone
Doesn't make my heart thump in my chest,
Or that the slide of Steven’s fingertips
Hasn’t already brought the most delicious,
Excruciating gush of heat
To the apex of my thighs.
His thrusts are hard, deep, fast,
So different than Max's,
With the slow, deliberate way
He'll slide them in,
As if sinking into quicksand while he
Grins at the quiver of my mouth

Like right now.

I am gasping, delirious
Steven mouthing my clit and
Sweet, sweet Max coming up behind me,
Taking my hair in his grasp when he growls
"You like that, don't you?"
Then his lips are on mine, quick
Smothering me in a kiss that only he can give,
Which—paired with Steven’s tongue—
Is making me writhe against this chair.
The seat’s hard against my naked ass,
And I’m straining with the bind of my ankles
The pin of my wrists, with Steven,
Tongue and fingers slicking
While Max yanks back my head.

I’m so open.

Steven’s tongue is baiting me.
I am feverish, trying to squeeze my legs together
And for doing so, I earn the slap of Max’s hand
Before Steven stops cold.
They both eye me, and
I'd cry if I wasn't so close to coming,
But the shuffle that commences
Makes it hard to breathe—
Steven rising from his knees,
Stripping off his clothes;
Max coming round and
Teasing fingers in,
Checking to see if I’m satisfactory
For what comes next.

I need this.

“Greedy, greedy girl,” Max whispers,
“How bad do you want him?”
He’s three fingers in
And I’m clenching my teeth,
Because I know this cue for Steven,
Know the pinch Max takes of my nipple,
The way he twists it, hard
While Steven steps a little closer,
Grabbing his cock not two inches from my face.
“Well?” Max says. His fingers
Have found my sweet spot, but he’s
Just holding them there, still,
Mouth floating over my clit,
Waiting for me to show him

Which I do.

I part my lips and Steven grins,
Easing his shaft along my tongue
Much to Max’s delight, and mine, too—
The moment Steven shoves inside my mouth,
Max gives me what I need:
Mouth sealing over the swell of my clit
With a hungry, pleased groan.
So I suck, hard, lips closing tight
Whimpering when Max breathes, “That’s a good girl,”
And kicks his fingers into motion again,
Slow, slow, deep, till I smile around
The thrust of Steven’s cock.
I have to show him, them
Exactly how much I need this.

I really do.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh this is SO hot! I feel like I should have better words for it but I don’t and I think I need some alone time now


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