This Beat Between Us

Jade A. Waters

I am
Naked, spread
Bound here, for you
Perched and impaled
In this moment of us—
The star on your cock
And the light in your eyes,
The name you whisper
When you thrust so deep.
I am spinning, swirling
Losing myself to this beat
Between us,
This music of flesh
We play
When we move like this.

You are
Trembling, hands
On me, fingers
Stroking my skin,
Rocking me to my core
While you fuck me, now
Ropes straining at my wrists
Gasps spilling out loud,
A jumble of sound.
You are plunging, groaning
Losing yourself to this beat
Between us
This current of lust
We crave
When our fire burns hot.

We are
Moaning, loud
Two souls, crying
Hips grind and press
You’re all the way inside;
I shake, I shudder
Eyes clenched tight when you thrust
The spasm within
Searing with your force.
We are swaying, dancing
Losing ourselves to this beat
Between us
This sky full of bliss
We share
When we come as one.


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