A Love Affair, From A to Z: “A” – Always

This year, I've decided to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge...but with a twist.
For the entire month, I'll be writing one continuous poem, starting each day with the corresponding letter of the challenge.
I hope you enjoy it...
Jade A. Waters

He tells her,
“Always I will be here, love you, hold you close”
The words are a melody in her ear
The antidote to all she's known,
The graze of his fingers over her lips
The sweetest touch
She's been waiting for.
“Always,” she whispers back,
Her heart perched on the edge,
Waiting for him to grasp it
To clutch it close,
To honor it as deeply
As the two of them fall
Into the spell that's lingered between them
All these hours over drinks,
All these nights they've been pretending
All these years they've been waiting,
Waiting for this.

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